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Park & Recreation Field Closures and How It Works...

In Regards to Park & Recreation Field Closures...

Sometimes fields may be closed when there has previously been a large amount of rain but skies are clear that afternoon. Should the fields be questionable for play and the weather forecast calls for continued rain for the majority of the day, the fields will be closed; predicting the weather is quite tricky and all fields handle weather and water differently. We will make a determination on field closures no later than 1:00 PM during the week. Weather patterns frequently change in New England as we all know, and it can be difficult to determine weather for 4:00pm when it is noon. We go through multiple steps to try and make an educated decision, but no one is perfect :)

Field cancellations/information is posted on our:
We encourage all teams/organizations to urge parents/coaches to use the Twitter feed or Facebook Page to make communication easier.

Organizations ARE ALLOWED to cancel games after our department has left fields open but they must contact the parents directly after the decision has been made by Park & Recreation.

If the fields are open and coaches arrive for their game to find there are standing puddles of water or the field gives a "squishing" sound when you walk on it, coaches need to cancel the game on the field and inform the referees.

The Easton Park & Recreation Department will do our best to keep fields open and playable for a safe and fun season.