Easton Park & Recreation
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General Rules for Easton Park & Recreation Facilities

For specific facility rules, please see FACILITIES: FACILITY LIST on home page. 

1) Parking is prohibited on all grass areas unless written permission is granted from the Easton Park and Recreation Department. 

2) Littering is prohibited in all parks and all athletic fields or any other areas under the jurisdiction of the Easton Park & Recreation Department. Please use trash barrels and recycling containers. 

3) Solicitation or sale of goods or services (selling of items, handing out promotion materials, demonstration of products) for commercial reasons without the written permission of the Easton Park and Recreation Department is prohibited on town property under the jurisdiction of the Easton Park and Recreation Department. 

4) Parks hours are sunrise to a half hour after sunset. Anybody in the parks after closing are in violation and subject to fines. 

5) Horses, snowmobiles and motorized vehicles (licensed or unlicensed) are prohibited from being used in all parks and on all athletic fields under the jurisdiction of the Easton Park and Recreation Department. 

6) Dog are prohibited on all athletic fields and must be leashed in all parks and grass areas with the exception of the dog park. 

7) Alcoholic beverages are prohibited at all parks and athletic fields without a permit issued by the Easton Park and Recreation Department. *May require permit from Health Dept. or P&Z. 

8) Fires shall be permitted in designated areas only and shall be properly distinguished. 

9) Pitching of tents or overnight camping is prohibited in all parks except in conjunction with an event sanctioned by the Easton Park and Recreation Department. 

10. Only groups authorized by the Easton Park and Recreation Dept shall use athletic fields for organized programs. Proof of insurance is required and compliance with the Easton Park & Recreation Department Field Usage Policies applies. All arrangements made concerning athletic field scheduling will be made through the Director of Easton Park & Recreation. 

11. Any organization or town resident who is interested in using the athletic fields, parks or recreational facilities must fill out a Facility Usage Application from the Easton Park and Recreation Department. *GENERAL INFO:DEPT INFO:FORMS.

12. All town parks, facilities and recreational areas under the jurisdiction of the Easton Park and Recreation Department are for recreational pleasure only. The use of these areas for private monetary benefit is prohibited.