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Field Usage Policy

Easton Park and Recreation Department


Resident teams are teams, which are part of either an A “Easton Organization” or B “Combined Town Organization”. Resident teams do not include teams which are run by an individual or organization for profit. 

  1. Easton Organizations are organizations, which the Park and Recreation Commission (the “Commission”) has determined: 
    1.) Consist of teams with 95% to 100% Easton residents; 
    2.) Are managed by Easton residents; and 
    3.) Are open to Easton residents wishing to join. The list of Easton Organizations is set forth on Schedule A (attached) and may be amended from time to time by the Commission. 

    B.  Combined Town Organizations are organizations, which the Commission has determined: 
    1.) Are set up to serve the residents of Easton and one or more other towns; 
    2.) Have teams, which are made up of 95% to 100% of residents from the included towns; and 
    3.) Use facilities in each of the included towns on a fairly equal basis. The list of Combined Town Organizations are set forth on Schedule B which may be amended from time to time by the Commission.  
  • Easton Organizations and combined Town Organizations are required to pay field usage fees, in amounts determined under the rate schedule set by the Easton Parks and Recreation commission. 
  • These organizations must submit facility requests and an insurance certificate to the Easton P&R Director 8 weeks (minimum) prior to the start of their program. 
Non-resident Teams are teams which: 
1.) Are part of an organization approved by the Parks and Recreation commission to use Easton fields; and 
2.) Have paid the applicable usage fee determined under the rate schedule set by the Commission. 

  • Non-resident teams will be given use of Easton facilities only if resident teams have been adequately provided for. 
  • The Park and Recreation Department will calculate the seasonal fee based on applicants requested use.
  • Non-resident teams must complete a permit application and attach a certificate of insurance. 
  • A 50% deposit must accompany application within two weeks of emailed invoice. If deposit is not received within two weeks of emailed invoice Park & Recreation reserves the right to withdrawal field request and not allow user groups on fields until deposit is received. If payments are not met within the allotted time frame Park & Rec will require a 100% deposit for the following season.
  • If applicable refunds will be submitted via check from Easton Park & Recreation at the end of the season.
  • The previous season must be paid for in full before field requests will be taken for the upcoming season. 
  • All teams must abide by the policies of P&R and its commission.  
All organizations that use Easton fields must keep all fields/dugouts clean.  If the organization does not adhere to the policy, the following will occur in the following order:
     1) Organization will receive a written warning
     2) Organization will be fined $50.00
     3) The third incident may result in the loss of field privileges

Maximum Amount on Soccer Fields
During practices the max number of children on a large field is 20 kids per team, 2 teams maximum. On a medium field (upper Vet’s and both upper Morehouse fields) max of 20 kids or one team.
Baseball Field Maintenance Seminar
Easton Baseball managers/coaches must attend an annual field maintenance seminar.
All individuals or organizations wishing to run camps or programs sponsored by Easton P & R are required to submit a brochure or other pertinent information to Easton P & R describing their program. Examples of pertinent information are items like cost per camper, what it includes, counselor/camper ratio, references, insurance certificate and other requested information. Registration for these programs should be through Easton P & R. Easton P & R will deduct a percentage of the total revenue as determined by the commission. After deducting these upfront fees, Easton P & R will disburse the remaining funds to the organization or person running the program. The outside organization or persons are responsible for all expenses related to the camp and all administrative responsibilities. All programs of this nature must be approved by the Easton P & R Commission and are expected to follow P & R rules (i.e. residents are allowed to sign up first, higher fee for non-residents, etc). Use of Easton facilities for organizations wishing to run camps or programs outside of Easton P & R or competing with Easton P & R will only be allowed under extenuating circumstances and if at least five Easton P & R Commission members are in favor.

Easton Civic organizations wishing to use the facilities for non-profit activities may request in writing to have the fee waived. If deemed appropriate, the P & R Commission may waive the fee.

All decisions on field closures are final and determined by the Park & Recreation Department or the volunteer field coordinator (weekends).
Resident Organizations (Easton Organizations & Combined Town Organizations)
Notifications for field closures will be made during the week by 1:00 pm at the latest on TWITTER and FACEBOOK. This is to accommodate the dismissal management system at SSES.
***Decisions on the weekends will be made as early as possible via TWITTER ONLY.
Facebook: @EastonParkandRecreation
Twitter: @EastonParksRec
Non-Resident Organizations
The Easton Park & Recreation volunteer field coordinator will make a determination as to field closures as early as possible on weekends. Notifications will be sent out on TWITTER only on Saturday & Sunday.
  • The Park & Rec Department will send an email to the point of contact for each user group whenever the fields have been closed Monday - Friday. Team officials then forward the information to their coaches/parents by email ASAP. We encourage all teams/organizations to urge parents/coaches to use the twitter feed or website.
  • Grass fields in Easton are closed by the Park & Rec Department when they are so wet that playing on them will damage them. This means that sometimes the fields will still be closed when there has been a hard rain in the morning but the weather has cleared by the afternoon. Should the fields be questionable for play and the weather forecast calls for continued rain for the majority of the day, the fields will be closed for the day.
  • The Easton Park & Recreation Department will do our best to keep fields open and playable. If the fields are open and Coaches/Assistant Coaches arrive for their game to find there are standing puddles of water or the water on the field gives a "squishing" sound when you walk on it, Coaches need to cancel the game on the field and inform the referees. Organizations will be responsible for policing their own coaches. 
  • If it is found that renting organizations/teams are not obeying the field closure policy, the following will occur:
     1) Organization will receive a written warning
     2) Organization will be fined $50.00
     3) The third incident may result in the loss of field privileges

The Commission has sole responsibility for determining if an organization or person is a resident team, non-resident team, civic organization, camp or other. All organizations must provide a point of contact. Failure by any organization to follow the rules above and those stated on a permit application or misrepresent the structure of their program will result in suspension of permit or program and forfeiture of security deposit. Any organization or person with a balance outstanding will not be allowed use of any Easton facilities. 

Approved Teams for Resident (A) or Combined Town Organizations (B)

SCHEDULE A: (Resident Organizations)
Easton Baseball
Easton American Youth Soccer Organization

SCHEDULE B: (Combined Town Organizations)
Easton Redding United Soccer Club
Falcons Baseball

Redding/Easton Lacrosse (RELAX)
Easton Redding Football


1.Non-resident organizations shall pay the sum of $70.00 per hour per field.

  1. Organizations paying with a credit card shall be subject to a 3 % additional fee.

2.Resident organizations shall have the option to pay:
The minimum fiscal year field maintenance contribution of $2,500.00 or $1250 per season.

  1. A $15 hourly rate for up to 20 hours of length of program or clinic. Park & Rec has the ability to charge an additional heavy wear fee, if applicable.
      2. Organizations paying with a credit card shall be subject to a 3 % additional fee.

     3.Any organization deemed by the commission to cause heavy wear and tear on the fields shall be charged an additional $25.00 per participant as a maintenance fee.

4.The president (or other head) of each organization must provide Easton with a list of registrants certified by him or her to be complete and accurate along with insurance and a deposit if applicable.